Teg-Tabs provide up to 80% labor savings for tegular-edge perimeter ceiling tile installation. Save thousands in labor costs from just one job!

Teg-Tabs patented ceiling tabs allow for easy grid and partition installation of tegular rebated perimeter ceiling tiles. They're snap-on easy to install and give a consistent, high-quality finish. With Teg-Tabs, you'll never hand-reveal another acoustic ceiling tile again.


  • 1

    Hang Grid, Snap-in Teg-Tabs

    Lower the wall mold by the height of the reveal. Snap Teg-Tabs in place

  • 2

    Measure & Make ONE Cut!

    Measure perimeter openings and cut tiles to length. No revealed edges!

  • 3

    Install Perimeter & Finish

    Done! Install tile above the wall mold. Finish is clean and consistent.

Secure. Easy. Fast.

Teg-Tabs come in six sizes to fit most applications, and ship in boxes of 300 tabs. Select your size from the grid below, and use the selection box to add to your cart. How to order...