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Price Adjustment Notice

Resellers asked, and we listened: Now you can get Teg-Tab best pricing and quantity price breaks even easier!

A new price structure for Teg-Tab resellers goes into effect 9/15/2015. The new price structure will lower the bar for Teg-Tab best pricing! 

Starting 9/15/2015, the following prices will go into effect:

A) 1-5 Full Cases (12 x 300 pcs same size) on the same order: NO CHANGE - $468/case ($39 per box value - same as current)

No change to the standard reseller price of a 12 x 300 pc case when five full cases or less are placed on an individual order. This is a 31.5% margin from MSRP.

B) The 6th full case and beyond on the same order: REDUCED PRICE - $396/case ($33 per box - 15% reduction! A 42.1% margin from MSRP)

The reduction to $396 per case for the 6th case of product and beyond on any individual order lowers the bar for best prices per order, and lowers the overall cost on a per order basis!

C) Customers with ANNUAL VOLUME of 15 full cases (12 x 300 pcs same size) or more PER DISTRIBUTION ADDRESS - $396/case ($33 per box) 

We’ve lowered the bar for high-volme pricing from 24 cases annually, to just 15 cases annually, per distribution location! As long as we can ship to one distribution location, even more operational efficiencies will be passed on to you! (Requires pre-authorization, please contact us for more information.)

D) Single boxes on the same order (1 x 300 pcs): Increase to $45 per box

In our reseller program, operational efficiencies achieved by shipping and handling full cases of product (12 x 300 pcs) are lost when we break down full cases. This change will help us commit savings to resellers who champion the product and can commit even small case lots to inventory. 

Thank you very much for your business and support over the years. The entire Teg-Tab team appreciates the relationships we enjoy with you. We'll continue working hard to help you benefit from Teg-Tab, the most innovative, labor saving device to hit the ceiling industry in years.